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Discover the best Russian fighting machine of World War II. Not as well known as the Mustang or Spitfire but at least as good.

Our Yak is available for airshows en events. Also we would like to give as many people as possible the opportunity to fly with us. Join us in the Yak 9 experience.

See you on the ground or in the sky!

Thijs en Jeroen Boonzaaijer.

Our partner

Relive the good old days on board the worlds biggest single engine biplane, the Antonov 2. With 9-10 passengers you will have an unforgetable flight with friends, family, collegues or relations.




Update October

25/10/2013 16:00
Summer has passed and work on the Yak continued slowly. The old wingspar has been removed and the...

Update February

28/02/2013 10:17
Short update on progress until February. They have started work on the wing. The damaged flap is...

Transport to Antwerp

28/11/2012 16:18
Saturday the 24th of November the Yak has been transported to Antwerp. All went well and the goods...

We bought the Yak!

02/11/2012 10:19
We bought the Yak! After a carefull inspection of the project we received three quote's for...